Page Quantity Reference Guide

Estimating the overall size of a scanning project is a very important step in the planning process. Below are a few tools to help you determine your project size.
*Estimates are based on a page size of 8.5” X 11”



Standard File Box
2,200 Pages


Long Bankers File Box
4,500 Pages


Stacks of Documents in Folders
150 - 200 Pages per Inch
New Ream of Paper = 250 Pages per Inch



*Depends on the number of folders and how tightly the documents are packed

CBS uses 165 Pages
Per inch for Estimating

Vertical File Cabinet Drawers
18” Drawer:  3,000 Pages
24” Drawer: 4,000 Pages


Lateral File Cabinet Drawers
36” Drawer:  6,000 pages
48” Drawer: 8,000 Pages

Important Terms to remember when estimating quantity:
Image: Refers to a single digital image.  If a single sheet of paper has information on both sides, when scanned it will be two images.
Document: is a broadly used term that refers to a collection of organized data.  A document can be a single page or several hundred pages.  Documents are also referred to as ‘records.’
Page: One sheet of paper.  A page can be a single image, or it can be two images (if the page has text on both sides).
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